Navnautik started business in the year 1990 and has since then been an active participant in the design and development of advanced marine structures and marine vessels as per the marine and offshore industry’s demands.

We are a marine consultant company particularly catering for special application vessels. We specialize in the whole spectrum of varied market on specific customized application. Such customized designs have taken place in many of our projects. As a result Navnautik works with a number of other companies, individuals, government agencies, computerized technical data bases in various countries to put together a project designed specifically for the purpose.

With a modest beginning in design of conventional marine vessels (such as patrol boats and pontoon barges), Navnautik has now expanded its horizon to include high end specialized vessels such as Ultra Deep-sea Pipelaying and Heavy Lift Vessel, Liftboats, etc.

What started off as a two member office in Singapore has now expanded to cover 3 countries and more than 30 team members from the fields of Ship Design, Ship Conversion & Offshore Technology. Our team members are conversant in English, Chinese & Indonesian languages.